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Life Insurance Tips

Auto Insurance Tips Automobiles have to be insured. Not only is it the law, but it’s also a pretty nice thing to do. Insurance isn’t really for your own benefit, although it is also for your own benefit. Auto insurance is about protecting everybody else. But still, you have to pay for it. With options aplenty, buying auto insurance can be tricky. Cheap auto insurance is available, but price isn’t everything. And sometimes the stuff that costs less at first can cost more later. It’s important to do your homework. The following tips can help. Know What You’re Getting When you buy auto insurance, you buy one policy covering a certain vehicle, but a lot can go into the cost of this policy. Some examples include: 1. property damage liability: this covers claims for property damaged by your car 2. bodily injury liability: covers claims against you of injury and death, including legal costs 3. medical payments: pays for injuries to you and to other people in your car 4. collision coverage: covers damage to your car, up to a certain value, in the case of an accident 5. uninsured motorist protection: covers you and the people in your car if the driver of the other car is uninsured or in the case of a hit- and-run 6. comprehensive coverage: covers damage to your car from theft, vandalism, wind, flood, fire, and other non-accident events 7. Most states require liability coverage. The others are usually optional, depending on your situation. The Vehicle Matters The price you paid for the car matters because an insurance company may have to cover to replace it. If it’s a sports car, the insurance may charge more to protect you. If it’s old and likely to break down, you may only want to get liability coverage and forgo the other kinds. You Matter Your age, gender, and driving record all impact insurance costs. Men who are under age 25 and single have high insurance rates because, statistically, they are in the most accidents. Married men pay less than single men. Women usually pay less than men. If you get into an accident, your premium will go up. A good driving record will allow you lower rates. Where you live is also important. In big cities with heavy traffic and large populations tend to have higher rates. Rural areas are the opposite. Suburbs are usually less than the city. How Much Do You Need? This is a common question for buying any kind of insurance, including auto insurance. Because insurance isn’t a tangible thing – you can’t hold insurance in your hand – it’s hard to understand how much is enough and when it’s too much. You really have to evaluate your situation and think about your needs. Having too much insurance is a waste and not having enough is dangerous. Shop Around As with most things, don’t go for the first quote you see. Shop around and you can find relatively cheap auto insurance that provides the coverage you need.
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